What’s Next For America? Can We Survive Another Term with Biden?

Trump has a pack of wolves on him like white on rice.

And even if Trump somehow reascends to the post of President, those wolves supported by government agency fiefdoms installed by Biden, will seriously obstruct his ability to change anything in a meaningful way that could effect a repair of the fabric of our Constitution, which has been shredded by Biden and his cohort.

We need to start thinking tactically instead of emotionally. And that goes for our own Siskiyou County.

The $64 Question:  Who is electable, and is committed to repairing our nation?


  1. The Native American

    Can we “survive” another term with Biden. The typical spiel and words of the propagandist/conservative mind.

    If you haven’t read/studied, the current economy and its progress is mostly the work (if not damage) of the preceding administration/term. To simplify the language here, it means Trump and his administration took credit for the 2 terms Obama did to clean the mess up from…oh yeah Bush?

    Biden and current administration inherited the mess left from Trumps administration, and add to the fact the deregulation policies enforced by Trump (bending more to the wealthy elite and corporations) and stealing from the working class.

    Again, unless you’re part of the wealthy/elite, you’re much closer to being homeless than being wealthy specially in these trying times. So yeah, many aren’t surviving the “current administration” but that’s because they are still cleaning up the mess, and it certainly doesn’t get done in a single term.

    But hey, I hear there are still plenty of “illegal” immigrants to go after because they are the problem too! /s

  2. J. Perdue

    I agree with the Native American that the economy was a mess when Obama took office (housing crisis) and was on an upward trend when Trump entered the White House. I believe that trend cont’d until the pandemic came along. The economy is important to all of us, esp. inflation. What should also be important to all of us is dealing with censorship, which appears to be supported to some degree by both parties. I personally believe govt. censorship is the biggest threat to our democracy but this belief is not shared by the media. That’s why I have been encouraging people to search out independent journalists and pod-casters. Regardless of who wins in Nov. the issue of censorship and free speech will still have to be dealt with.

  3. Joe Biden got us out of Afghanistan. Yes, there was an attack at the evacuation site, but by radical Islamists, not Afghans, The collapse of the Afghan forces in the face of Taliban forces is clear evidence of the ineffectiveness of trying to force democracy on a society run my warlords for thousands of years, and the unwillingness of the Afghan forces to stand up to a central weak government. We should have kept the sealed Afghan escape routes over the mountain passes we established in 20o3 and vigorously hunted down and captured Osama Bin Laden and left.

    Joe Biden got us out of Covid through the use of vaccine and an intelligent management approach.

    A main cause of high inflation is that about 870% of all American production is in the hands of 8 Corporations who wield great power in establishing prices.

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