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Bureau of Lies & Malfeasance?

As a the Executive Director of Wild Horse Fire Brigade, which has developed and proven an obvious solution to the entire wild horse management issue, quite often people ask me:  ‘Why can’t you work with the Bureau of Land Management (‘BLM’) to implement your plan’? The simple answer to that question, […]


America is Burning – But Are The People In Charge Learning?

A 6-year old Western Journal article cites the problem that has since grown significantly worse and is facing many Americans today. People and organizations who are financially benefitted and making $-millions by monetizing wildfires have a serious conflict of interest and should be disallowed from participating in wildfire-solution forums and committees. These […]

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Livestock Grazing has Limitations and Poses a Serious Risk to Wilderness Areas

It’s no surprise that cattle ranchers are promoting livestock grazing as a solution to wildfire. More cheap grazing on public lands benefits their revenue models. And this rebuttal to the article published in Farm Progress promoting the concept of using invasive species ruminant livestock (cattle, sheep, goats) is not to condemn wildfire […]


Why Are Counties Dumping Their ‘Constitutional Sheriffs’?

A possible answer to that and other questions of our time may be found in this interesting interview. Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Cabal’s Land and Real Estate Stealing TacticsFollowing narrative is by SASHA LATYPOVA The source is at this link: We talk about the connections between Lahaina and other devastating […]


Wildfire Smoke Exposure Increases Cardiovascular Risks

If you’re breathing the wildfire smoke, your health is being affected in many ways.  Some may immediately be noticeable (heart attack, asthma, coughing, etc.) and other effects are more sinister, creeping-up and killing you more slowly.  New research by the American Heart and Lung Association is a MUST READ: […]

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Finishing the Job on Siskiyou County – Snuffing out the last rural traditions in California Via ‘Planning’

URGENT ATTENTION : CORRECTED TEXT Fw: 08/29/2023 Special BOS meeting – MORE SUBVERSION & OVER-REACH COMING AMENDED – CORRECTED article text as to ‘removing 65-counties’…. they did ’65 Plans for and from their image instituted into 24 counties… URGENT ATTENTION  Fellow Citizens, et. al:    Finishing the Job on Siskiyou […]