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Once upon a time the word “extremist” actually meant something.  Osama Bin Laden comes to mind, along with the likes of Timothy McVeigh and Theodore Kaczynski, the “Unabomber.” The Britannica Dictionary defines an extremist as “someone who has extreme ideas about politics, religion, etc.” as in: “A group of extremists […]

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Livestock Grazing has Limitations and Poses a Serious Risk to Wilderness Areas

It’s no surprise that cattle ranchers are promoting livestock grazing as a solution to wildfire. More cheap grazing on public lands benefits their revenue models. And this rebuttal to the article published in Farm Progress promoting the concept of using invasive species ruminant livestock (cattle, sheep, goats) is not to condemn wildfire […]


Why Are Counties Dumping Their ‘Constitutional Sheriffs’?

A possible answer to that and other questions of our time may be found in this interesting interview. Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Cabal’s Land and Real Estate Stealing TacticsFollowing narrative is by SASHA LATYPOVA The source is at this link:https://sashalatypova.substack.com/p/catherine-austin-fitts-explains-the?utm_medium=reader2 We talk about the connections between Lahaina and other devastating […]

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Save Our Water Rights 

We had a choice between two fights. One or the other. We couldn’t – because of energy and time – choose both. One, the fight to save the Klamath River dams, which we don’t own. The second, a fight to save the water rights we own. Which fight did you […]

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Why is Oregon Senator Ron Wyden sponsoring yet another subsidy for the Klamath River Basin’s Federal Irrigators?

On July 19th a hearing was held in the US Senate on Oregon Senator Ron Wyden’s S.482 – The Klamath Power and Facilities Agreement Support Act. If it becomes law, Wyden’s legislation would provide a new taxpayer subsidy to irrigators within the federal Klamath Irrigation Project.  Virtually all US agricultural producers are subsidized. However, as KlamBlog has documented, the Klamath River Basin’s federal […]