Author: Falice Pace


Klamath Mountains sedge peatlands

Headwater meadow sedge fens are important to preserving our water supplies. Many fens on our national forests are getting trashed and degraded by cattle. See: It is plain stupid to damage water supplies and water quality so that a few ranchers can produce a few more beefs by graze […]

Opinion Siskiyou

Reclamation and US Fish & Wildlife requests billion for project in the Klamath Basin

See Interior Department Press Release at endpublishers note: The Klamath Basin restoration activities are a prime example of the Department of the Interior’s strategic initiatives to address climate change impacts, specifically drought resilience. Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act, dedicated funding has been allocated to enhance […]


KLAMBLOG: Sediment from Klamath River Basin logging roads dwarfs sediment from dam removal.

publishers notes: cover image by Jack Bulmer from Pixabay Estimating the weight of wet silt requires a few considerations: Density: Silt’s density varies depending on its composition, but we can assume a density range of roughly 120-130 pounds per cubic foot when wet. Moisture Content: The amount of water in the silt significantly impacts its […]