KlamBlog: A clear sign that the Klamath Water Wars continue

Klamath Basin Irrigators continue to challenge the right of the federal government to use water stored in Upper Klamath Lake to benefit threatened Klamath River salmon (see this link). They will likely take the challenge to the Supreme Court. Upper Klamath Lake is the Klamath Rivers source, The River begins at the Lake’s outlet. 

This legal challenge to the rights of Salmon and the Tribes and fishermen who depend on them to have adequate River flows is a clear sign that the effort to provide Klamath River flows adequate for a healthy River will continue to be opposed by Irrigation interests.  

The same will prove true in the Scott and Shasta River Basins. This means that the non-violent struggle for adequate flows and a healthy Klamath River must continue. 

Those of us who want a healthy Klamath River will need to continue the struggle to overcome irrigator opposition and their political power.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is either wrong or intentionally trying to get you to go along with the “program”, that is, to buy into the lie that we can have a healthy River by doing “restoration projects” without providing adequate river flows.

Please don’t be fooled by this false hope. The political peacemaking by certain tribal leaders is all about political contributions and political support and is not in the interest of the River.

The Yurok Tribe has declared that the Klamath River has the rights of a person. If Yurok leaders continue to sacrifice the River’s interest for political gains we will need to go into Yurok Tribal Court to defend our relation, the Klamath River.

Let this be a warning to all political leaders that selling out or compromising our River for your political gain will be fiercely opposed and will fail.

Felice Pace                      
Klamath, CA 95548  

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