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Clues, Origin of Covid

I recently watched a video published by The Hill, titled “Top Fauci Aide David Morens Caught DELETING Emails, Accused of LYING To Congress”, subtitle, “Daszak Stripped of Funding”. Peter Daszak has been the president of EcoHealth Alliance:  “EcoHealth Alliance is an US-based non-governmental organization with a stated mission of protecting […]

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The War on Workers

     How Stock Buy-Backs Hurt Middle America I recently read a post by award winning journalist Matt Taibbi, who shared his interview with author Les Leopold. Here’s an excerpt from the post: “In late February a new book by journalist Paul Waldman and University of Maryland professor Thomas Schaller […]

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To Editor: Media Bias

Recently a story emerged concerning NPR, National Public Radio, based on an article by Uri Berliner, a long-time editor at NPR, which was published on Bari Weiss’ online news site The Free Press. Link to The Free Press article:  Here’s a quote from an article by Jonathan Turley, a […]


Double Standard in US Dept. of Justice?

I read an article recently titled: Guilty!—But Not Really Guilty? “A cynical public now expects any accused prominent leftist to remain unindicted, while any non-leftwing target will be indicted, convicted, and jailed—for the same alleged offenses.” By Victor Davis Hanson  March 18, 2024  I thought Mr. Hanson laid out his […]


The War in Ukraine: Main Stream vs Independent media

  Over the past couple of years, I have noticed that there is a distinct difference between the coverage of certain topics, when comparing the major networks to independent journalists and podcasters. The Russia-gate investigation, and then the Twitter Files, which exposed government censorship of social media, are two examples. […]

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60 Years Later

JFK Assassination & New Evidence November 22, 2023 marked the 60th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s death. A current Gallop poll shows 65% of Americans do not believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Some years it has been as high as 81% (Gallop Poll Nov. 2023; There seems […]

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RFK Jr. ~ Who is this guy?

 I didn’t know much about Robert Kennedy Jr. so I decided to watch a few interviews of him, after finding some on YouTube. People such as Megyn Kelly, who has worked at Fox News and NBC, and Michael Smerconish, who has a show on CNN, and other people less well […]