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REPRINT 2003: The tip of the Green Spear

Reprinted from Pioneer Press – September 24, 2003
cover art by Gemini & Siskiyou News

The economic ruin of the Klamath and its tributaries
a future ‘model’ for American industry

Special Opinion

By John Martinez

Calculated and targeted shortages of natural resources, designed to destabilize the industrial chain as well as over legislating the value-added processes of those resources is the green road map to a socialist utopia. Increasing the power of unregulated bureaucracies to disrupt our economic machine is the fundamental element within the green strategy to capitulate our nation. The greens have tragically positioned the leftist courts and bureaucracies to determine the course of our nation rather than the people’s will from within the confines of a constitutional republic.

The economic dislocation program within the Klamath River system is a “how to” model in the destruction of broad-based, diverse rural economies. The legal precedents established in the destruction of the Klamath Basin may be applied across industries and geographies beyond this region itself. The communities along the Klamath River and its tributaries are battling for the future of our nation – The Klamath Basin is a proving ground in the destruction of American agriculture and industry. The battle over the Klamath is forefront in the fight for American Sovereignty and the destiny of our nation.

Why have the greens expended so many resources on “saving” the Klamath? At the ground level many environmentalists believe it is to “save” the environment. Many rank and file environmentalists believe it is the diversity that is so important. Yes, diversity is the key element, but it is diversity of governmental jurisdiction not flora and fauna that is so important. Again, why have the greens thrown every conceivable resource into the fight to destroy the Klamath economies?

The answer involves the myriad of jurisdictional challenges or opportunities that characterize the region. Local, state, inter-state, inter-agency, federal and tribal interests contribute to governing the Klamath. Comprehending the importance and magnitude of the Klamath and its tributaries to our nation’s security lies within understanding the diversity of collective governmental interests. If the greens can forge an extra-constitutional “silver bullet” to slay rural economies within the multi-jurisdictional quagmire of the Klamath, they will become an unstoppable and indomitable force in the destruction of rural America. The development and execution of shutting down economic interests in the Klamath is a means to create a holistic and widely applicable working legal model that will spread economically ruinous policy to the remainder of our nation.

The green’s regional objective, the Klamath and its tributaries, is to create a body of legal arguments and inter-agency cooperative agreements that will promote anti-western public policy superceding local, state, regional and federal jurisdictions. Publicly greens cloak their intentions under the guise of “saving” the environment while their true objective is to control the factors of production. Control over all natural resource-based activities is their sacred oath. Control over basic industrial inputs will empower them to segment and weaken our nation’s productive base. Once Klamath communities are “pacified” through completely wresting control away from local jurisdictions, the Klamath Basin “model” will be applied, by judicial interpretation and oversight, to other resource-based economies.

The greens have soundly defeated local rights by thwarting constitutional guarantees and protections in their drive to pacify rural America. How have the greens trumped our system? How have the greens been able to twist the arms of bureaucracies, elected officials among others? The greens are using Tribes to do their bidding for an end that is just outside the grasp of the Tribes to fully appreciate. By inflaming historical animosities against the western world, crying anti-Native, and ordaining Tribes with extra-constitutional powers the greens have positioned Tribes to undermine the long-term interests of the US.

The green movement and its leftist ideologues have successfully gained control over tribal councils through a mix of tactics. Pro-western, neighbor friendly and anti-drug Tribal council members have taken a back seat to radical greens, separatists and those that believe drugs are a cultural icon of independence. Beyond controlling tribal councils through intimidation and blackmail, the greens may have co-opted Tribal leadership with promises of expansive land settlements. Tribes are under the belief that to get their lands they must undermine local economies and private property rights.

Have Tribal leaders been promised land swap deals in exchange for shutting down local farming interests, destroying private property rights and promoting deep ecology? Perhaps that’s a question our elected officials need to explore? Do our local officials understand what regulates the political economy of Tribes? What if Tribal leaders are in bed with radical environmentalists in a quid pro quo arrangement? Do our elected officials have an obligation to defend their oath and speak freely to the public as to the state of affairs within their jurisdictions?

The use of suckerfish, coho salmon, and other Native “religious” and/or “cultural” icons represent tactical implements in the broader strategy to use Native theocracy to destroy the underlying foundation of the American economy. It’s not about fish and its not about helping Natives, it’s about destruction of the resource economies that feed our factories raw materials. It’s about destroying our self-reliance through fragmenting our ability to feed, clothe and shelter our people. The greens want to deride American sovereignty through the establishment of a strong check and balance system made up of multi-national cooperative agreements.

That means if the US must go to war to defend its interests, we had better have the full support of Second and Third world nations. If other nations fail to support our war efforts, then the intricate supply chain our military relies on to wage war will be broken. Forcing our nation to her knees so as to be at the mercy of other nations is treason. The greens’ ultimate narcotic is to see our nation and our countrymen controlled by international socialists made up of Second and Third World states.

Tribes have become the razor’s edge of the tip of the green spear, as they are impenetrable and protected by a collective guilt gilded in political correctness. The greens have cleverly controlled Tribes in a behind the scenes manipulation of public policy makers and government funding streams. Have the Federal authorities ever really scrutinized Tribal environmental claims that shut down timber, mining or farming? Have Tribes promoted anti-agricultural and anti-American policy in closed door “government to government negotiations?” Why are non-elected officials engaged in closed door “government to government negotiations” that literally circumvent the constitution? Do road closures, salamander restrictions and a host of other regional job killers originate from these “government to government” negotiations?

If the greens have their way in the Klamath they will have a replicable model to devolve our economic system that ultimately undermines our nation’s security.  The fight over the Klamath represents the tip of the green spear pointed at the very heart of our homeland.

John Martinez
Happy Camp, CA

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