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What does dam removal have in common with wildfires?

They are both tools used by eco-terrorists to hammer ranchers and farmers!  

Take our water, and burn us out… these are effective tactics that are as old as the hills!

We desperately need new strategies and tactics… clearly, old ideas have failed.

In any industry from NASA Space Program to laboratory research, the first step towards success is acknowledging failure… hard to do for some folks because myth and ego get in the way of that hard admission, but its required to move towards success.  Either we learn new tricks or we die.., plain and simple.

Based on former marketing success in the Internet days with over 250 companies in the Fortune 100 & 500, I spent considerable personal time designing and putting together an integrated national media campaign plan to end the dam removal effort  back in 2022. Gene Sousa (copied hereto) is aware of my efforts. That plan had hard costs that needed funding.  

Today, as we clearly NOW finally see being surrounded by pro-DAM REMOVAL media, He Who Controls the Media gets all the marbles, in this case all the water!

We lost because we couldn’t fund our own Media Plan. And lawyers cost more than effective media, way more! 

That media plan would have gotten us far more media, back then (2022) when it would have made a huge difference, more than we are seeing now, when it’s too late.  We lost our dams and water.

Now some of the same people who missed the value of the 2022 media plan, are also missing the next move on the chess board for ALL THE WATER.   I see it plainly, but I play chess, not checkers.

The SEDIMENT they are intentionally leaving behind is key to their gambit to end up winning the game for all the water over the next 24-36 months, including Scott, Shasta and upper Klamath waters. 

IF we make the right moves, right now, and force them to remove the polluted sediments, we have a chance to save the water we all need to survive.  

If not, they will, mark my words, win it all… 

I have a plan… but just like last time, there are hard costs to leverage media to tell our story the way we want.


As we battle the disaster related to the reckless dam removal project, we must also prepare for the upcoming wildfire season.   

It is imperative that we are effective on both fronts… 

THINK… if you get burned out, does water even matter anymore?  

Of course not… and THEY KNOW IT…  Wildfire IS an integral part of their strategy to get all the water. And that is a weapon they can use and then blame ‘Nature’.

The BIG problem, as was the case with the dams, is that too many people are NOT proactive in finding NEW  out of the box solutions to assist and help reduce the wildfires. And when someone has a plan, people fail to support it, and then these same people complain as they suffer the consequences.

These wildfires being used-managed to run people out of the rural areas pursuant to the desires of the eco-terrorists, who now have a victory in the removal of our dams… 

We weren’t PROACTIVE enough with a SMART plan to beat them.  Now we pay the price for not having an effective, actionable strategy implemented back in 2022.  Are we going to do the same for wildfire? 

We are all teetering on the edge… we can’t buy fire insurance unless we want to go broke… so our backs are against the wall… 

Even if they don’t burn some people out because they have spent serious time and effort to protect their infrastructure, losing the communities of people and businesses around ranches and farms weakens us all, making those still standing even weaker in the process… and alone.

We either stand together or we’ll certainly fall together.

Wildfire is the new greenie tool to eliminate our forests, farms and ranches… 

They killed our logging industry (put my family out of business) with a little owl, it was a silver bullet against the logging industry. These people are NOT dumb!

Now, instead of being in the forest management business, the United States Forest Service (USFS) has figured out how to make money burning our forests by creating a $-Billion wildfire suppression business funded by American taxpayers, that also serves the Agenda of the eco-terrorists seeking to remove all of us from rural life.  That MUST be stopped.  The USFS has morphed into the U.S. Fire Service… making money with Fire.  And by offering a paycheck and a pension, they’ve divided our neighbors who now need wildfires to survive financially, they are enlisted in the program… 

Our Org., Wild Horse Fire Brigade has a plan that was proven effective during the 38,000 acre 2018 Klamathon Fire.  It is also supported by solid science written before the greenies polluted our universities.

Please take the time to listen to these fellow rancher interviews and lets move past what’s not working… 

If you haven’t heard of the Day family, you should.  And you are welcome to share this email and its contents with your lists…

H. Alan Day was one of the most successful ranchers in the west. He owned and operated the 200,000 acre Lazy B ranch.

His sister, was the first woman Supreme Court Justice (Sandra Day-O’Conner). 

Like me, Alan knows about wild horses having also had a herd he rescued like us.  When he heard about my work, his agent set up and interview.

Cowboy Up Radio: https://cowboyup.libsyn.com/episode-21

Trent Loos Show:https://www.bek.news/trentontheloos/2023-05-02/

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  1. Laurey Behrmann

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is only the precursor of efforts to removing four Snake River dams. It amazes me how media blackout has suppressed the truth about the total destruction of the Klamath River. Do not buy the lie. It is now the Dead River, as in for ever. Largest wildlife genocide in history but the truth is not allowed.

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