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Mount Hermon’s Application for Kidder Creek Orchard Camp Zone Change (Z-14-01) and Use Permit (UP-11-15)

Dear Honorable Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors, I call for the vote. Based on the information provided in this letter of protest, I believe there is an abundance of justifiable reasons that compels you to deny Mount Hermon’s application to expand the Kidder Creek Orchard Camp (KCOC) from 165 occupancy […]

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Freda Walker of Etna: A Strong Supporter of Scott River Watershed Council Work & Projects

SRWC Community Outreach BY Sheryl Wilkins Freda Walker of Etna recently gifted a generous donation to fund Scott Watershed Informational Forum (SWIF) set for February 22-24, 2023. She also made an additional donation towards the Scott Valley Beaver Haven Project. SWIF, sponsored by Scott Valley community members and the California […]