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70MPH Winds Blow Over Large Oak Tree in Etna

On Thursday afternoon just before school was let out for the day, 70-mile-per-hour winds blew over a very large oak tree across Center Street in Etna. We all are so grateful and counting our blessings that no one was harmed. Quick response times from Etna Police, Fire, Ambulance, and Fort Jones Fire Department had the scene secure as power lines were also knocked down.. minutes later this route is used by the school buses to pick up the kids from elementary school, and students walking home.

Rob Bartneck all smiles after getting the stump cut free from the fallen Oak
Aerial view after the tree and Jenner Family with other local help was almost finished up

Photo from 1902

Balfrey Corner, the four-way by the city park and Catholic Church. I was so sure that the trees were very very old that I quickly looked through the historical records at Chico State and ran across this gem.

CSU Chico Digital Collections

The Oak hit the ground so hard that it busted the water main! On its way down shattered a power pole knocked the eave off the garage off of an AirBnB which was unoccupied at the time. And Killed a much-loved and borrowed car.

Damaged Roof across the street
can not pick it up, let us roll it!

The ground shuddered under me as the log rolled, which made me wonder what it was like when it actually hit the street. It did crack the water main doing down the street.

Dan Burbank, The Public Works Director for the City of Etna
all smiles for the camera, as he truly cares for our Valley

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