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Siskiyou Seeks Efforts To Retain The Hydroelectric Facilities.

Richard Marshall President of the Siskiyou County Water Users Association is giving a presentation to the CAGOP Convention in Sacramento, California on March 11th, 2023. The goal is to obtain a Resolution from the Convention supporting the Siskiyou efforts to retain the Hydroelectric facilities. This is a series as there really are broader issues involved.

Copco and Iron Gate Lakes together hold a precious reserve of 45-Billion gallons of fresh water. Copco Lake alone holds a reserve of 25-Billion gallons of fresh water. This video beautifully shows what will be lost if the upper Klamath River dams are removed.

In 1911, a natural lake called ‘Clammittee Lake’ existed in the footprint of the present-day Copco Lake, and was formed by a natural 31-foot-tall lava dam that held-back the Klamath River.

Clammittee Lake’ and its natural dam were covered when the larger modern Copco 1 dam was completed in 1918. Fed by the Klamath River, Copco and Iron Gate Lake’s mission under the Klamath River Basin Compact Act, which is federal law, was to facilitate and provide the development, use, conservation and control of water resources for various purposes. These purposes include the protection and enhancement of fish and wildlife, agriculture, domestic, fire fighting, hydro-electric production, and recreation.

The 45-Billion gallons of reserve water that is impounded by these two lakes is designated by Klamath River Basin Compact Act, a federal law, signed by the President of the United States of America, for the beneficial uses of the water by the public :

“In granting permits to appropriate waters under this subdivision B, as among conflicting applications to appropriate when there is insufficient water to satisfy all such applications, each state shall give preference to applications for a higher use over applications for a lower use in accordance with the following order of uses:
(a) Domestic use,
(b) Irrigation use,
(c) Recreational use, including use for fish and wildlife,
(d) Industrial use, (e) Generation of hydroelectric power,
(f) Such other uses as are recognized under the laws of the state involved.”

For more information: Richard Marshall Siskyou County Water Users Association (415) 987-0420

Credits: Creative Direction and Copy,: Chrissie Reynolds and William E. Simpson II Video Footage: Sabrina Schloss Video Production: Laurie Dana Music: Laurie Dana and Patty Vinikow Photos: Cheryl Noutary, Chrissie Reynolds, Colleen Marino, Bill Winterburn, and Laurie Dana

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