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Happy Almost Spring Siskiyou County! Although we can’t tell by looking out our windows.

The recent onslaught of snowy weather has really put the damper on any outdoor garden preparations. I am staying indoors where seed starting is going into full swing. Many people constantly ask me where do I start so many seeds inside the house?…….you asked for it. Here is a quick tour of my plant room. It is not really a room, more of an alcove off our dining room that used to be used as our home office. A couple years ago, I came home  from work one day and decided that I wanted to transform the space into something that brings me joy. That weekend, I tore out the office stuff, gathered the gardening supplies that were scattered throughout the rest of the house and created my plant room. It is not a big space or fancy; but functions well and it makes me so happy to be able to garden indoors. Please email me with questions of drop a comment on my YouTube channel. Enjoy the tour. 
Here’s to growing all the things!


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