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Freda Walker of Etna: A Strong Supporter of Scott River Watershed Council Work & Projects

SRWC Community Outreach

BY Sheryl Wilkins

Freda Walker of Etna recently gifted a generous donation to fund Scott Watershed Informational Forum (SWIF) set for February 22-24, 2023. She also made an additional donation towards the Scott Valley Beaver Haven Project.

SWIF, sponsored by Scott Valley community members and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is a no-cost event that is a long-standing tradition that brings people together from near and far to discuss and share issues and projects that relate to the Scott River Watershed. For more information about the 2023 SWIF, please visit: SWIF 2023. The Beaver Haven Project, located near Sugar Creek toward Callahan, CA includes the purchase of 11 acres and the creation of a sanctuary habitat so the historical beaver can have a permanent home and thrive in the area. For more information about this exciting project, please visit: Beaver Haven 

Freda’s financial support is a philanthropic extension of her beliefs in the worthwhile projects unfolding at the hands of the SRWC and their collaborative partners. According to Ms. Walker, “The SRWC focus on education aligns with my values as a vocational educator, a team player making data-based decisions, and my love of the out-of-doors. I like the idea that a local group of practitioners research, plan, evaluate, and commit to on-the-ground field projects to improve habitat, water conditions, storage, fish species, and beavers, plus reduce fire danger in Scott Valley. SRWC develops partnerships with agencies and other groups. Additionally, there is outreach to land owners, as well as the entire community to be involved with their work. They sponsor a Community Garden, composting, Farmer’s Markets, and an annual Scott River Watershed Informational Forum.”

For illustrated insights into the SRWC community and environmental outreach projects that took place in 2022, please access the most recent newsletter here:

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