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Mount Hermon’s Application for Kidder Creek Orchard Camp Zone Change (Z-14-01) and Use Permit (UP-11-15)

Dear Honorable Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors,

I call for the vote. Based on the information provided in this letter of protest, I believe there is an abundance of justifiable reasons that compels you to deny Mount Hermon’s application to expand the Kidder Creek Orchard Camp (KCOC) from 165 occupancy to 622 or 844 occupancy or to change the zoning to allow the camp to expand from 330 acres to 580 acres. As such, this is my final attempt (which is insignificant to the years of past efforts by numerous Scott Valley community members) to bring light to many irreconcilable issues.

Read the complete PDF Below the 360º photos

Below is a 360º picture of KCOC, Kidder Creek Drainage, taken from the end of a county-maintained road on South Kidder Creek. You can full-screen the picture if you click the box in the picture on the left side.

Below is a 360º of Patterson Creek Road at the end of the county-maintained road. You can full-screen the picture by clicking the box on the left.


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