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Spring Mushroom Permits Available on Klamath National Forest

FS News Release ByPublic Affairs Officer: Kimberly DeVall Yreka, Calif., May 11, 2023— Many kinds of edible mushrooms grow in Siskiyou County, including morels, chanterelles, shaggy mane, puffballs, boletes, and oyster mushrooms. The USDA Forest Service welcomes mushroom collecting on the Klamath National Forest and offers some tips and information. […]

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Public review period open on Klamath National Forest OHV grant proposal

Forest Service News Release Yreka, Calif., February 23, 2023—U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement on the Klamath National Forest has submitted a grant application with the California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division. The proposal seeks $28,800 to help ensure off-highway vehicle (OHV) user safety, education, and regulatory compliance.  Beginning […]

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Klamath River Basin Was Selected For Increased Funding and Spans Five National Forests

Forest Service News Release USDA Forest Service Launches New Efforts in Klamath National Forest to Address Wildfire Crisis Yreka, Calif., January 19, 2023— Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced today expanded efforts to reduce wildfire risk across the western U.S., directly affecting national forests here in northern California and southern […]