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Save Our Water Rights 

We had a choice between two fights. One or the other. We couldn’t – because of energy and time – choose both. One, the fight to save the Klamath River dams, which we don’t own. The second, a fight to save the water rights we own. Which fight did you […]

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Why is Oregon Senator Ron Wyden sponsoring yet another subsidy for the Klamath River Basin’s Federal Irrigators?

On July 19th a hearing was held in the US Senate on Oregon Senator Ron Wyden’s S.482 – The Klamath Power and Facilities Agreement Support Act. If it becomes law, Wyden’s legislation would provide a new taxpayer subsidy to irrigators within the federal Klamath Irrigation Project.  Virtually all US agricultural producers are subsidized. However, as KlamBlog has documented, the Klamath River Basin’s federal […]

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RFK Jr. ~ Who is this guy?

 I didn’t know much about Robert Kennedy Jr. so I decided to watch a few interviews of him, after finding some on YouTube. People such as Megyn Kelly, who has worked at Fox News and NBC, and Michael Smerconish, who has a show on CNN, and other people less well […]

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Rural vs Urban Voters

What motivates rural people to choose to be a Democrat or a Republican?  Is it based on their beliefs, values and attitudes that formed primarily by family, friends, culture, and life experiences? Beliefs are ideas that we accept as true without any supporting facts. Values are a set of principles, […]

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The Real 4th of July

We celebrate July 4th because it was the day that the Continental Congress finally approved all the changes and edits to the July 2nd draft Declaration of Independence. Officially, the Continental Congress declared its freedom from Great Britain on July 2, 1776, when it voted to approve a resolution of […]

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Moving on from Hate 

Abusive relationships end when the manipulated, controlled, and abused person has found a way to leave the intolerable violent psychological or physical behavior. Despite promises by the abuser to the contrary, the victim knows the behavior will never change. The threat of escalating violence can be life-threatening to the victim […]