The Magnitude of a Trillion in Time

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I wanted to explore numbers to time, since what is time? So I did what a lot of us do, a search of the internet. One of my first reads was an editorial written by a lady in Seattle in 1986 to The New York Times. An insightful editorial that sparked some reflections on how we conceive of large numbers like budget figures over time. As society advances, the projects and costs we take on grow, and the numbers swell to scales that become abstract and casual in everyday discussion. Yet each billion and trillion represents real resources and years of human effort.

We must all of us, especially our elected officials, stop thinking of a trillion seconds as merely a long time ago and a trillion dollars as just a lot of money.

DOROTHY C. MORRELL Seattle, Sept. 18th 1986

When numbers get very large, like a trillion, our human brains struggle to truly comprehend their massive scale. To try wrapping your head around how enormously huge a trillion is, think of it in terms of time.

Rather than looking at a trillion as just a 12-zero digit, convert it into seconds. A million seconds is about 11 days, while a billion seconds equals nearly 32 years. But a trillion seconds? That takes us back over 31,700 years! Long before recorded human history and civilization.

By converting a trillion into a concrete unit we can relate to – the passage of time – we gain an appreciation for its true immensity. Our brains think in temporal terms, so seeing a number expressed as seconds or years that have gone by allows us to better grasp its magnitude. A trillion stops being just an abstract concept and becomes a staggering expanse of time beyond what our ordinary experience tells us is possible.

Putting unimaginably large numbers in comprehensible dimensions gives them meaning. It’s a simple but powerful mental trick for attempting to comprehend that which hardly seems possible to comprehend.

Trying to visualize a trillion seconds, it would span nearly 32,000 years into the past—back before recorded history, when our ancestors were primitive hunter-gatherers struggling to survive. A trillion dollars is the collective economic output of millions of people over countless generations. It’s the inheritance of our society, which should not be spent lightly without careful thought and debate.

By taking a moment to truly conceptualize massive figures like a trillion, perhaps policymakers would approach fiscal decisions with more gravity. We must urge our representatives to consider such expenditures in concrete human terms, not just as abstract numbers. Our nation’s economic present and future depend on wise stewardship of resources—resources that took ages of human endeavor to even make possible.

so the NATIONAL DEBT is at 34 trillion and growing…

US DEBT CLOCK January 14th, 2024 0600hr

So let’s look at in Years.
Okay, let’s solve this step-by-step:
31,700 x 34
= 31,700 x (30 + 4)
= 31,700 x 30 + 31,700 x 4
= 951,000 + 126,800
= 1,077,800

Therefore, 31,700 times 34 equals 1,077,800.

Only 1,077,800 Years…..

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