Scott Valley, Siskiyou

PROPOSED EMERGENCY RULEMAKING: Establishment Order Authority in the Scott River and Shasta River Watersheds (Emergency Regulation)

Required Notice of Proposed Emergency Action

The regulation would allow the Board to issue curtailment orders to junior water rights holders if needed to maintain the emergency minimum flows. It establishes priority groups for curtailments, first targeting post-adjudication water rights. Exceptions would be made for non-consumptive use and to meet basic human/livestock needs. Individuals could petition the Board for approval to continue diversions beyond these amounts. The regulation also aims to enable local cooperative solutions within watersheds and allows the Board to request water use information. Violations would be subject to fines.

The proposed text of the regulation and additional details are included in the full notice. The goal is to provide tools to maintain critical flows for fish during the drought emergency while also meeting minimum human and livestock needs.


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