County Sponsored Showers average cost of $281 per shower for homeless

In a 4-1 outcome. Ray Haupt voting nay, expressed his belief that the payment was just issued and questioned why there was a need for more funding. Haupt also raised concerns about the growing population in Yreka.

In response to a lice outbreak, an experimental shower program was implemented with a price tag of $9,000. This program provided showers to 32 individuals, resulting in an average cost of $281 per shower. The program received positive feedback and was considered successful by the Siskiyou County Behavioral Health. As a result, they have asked the board of supervisors for $109,200 to support 12 additional shower events, spanning from February 1st to June 30th. This financial allocation reflects the board’s recognition of the program’s effectiveness and their commitment to providing necessary hygiene facilities for the community.

The new contract costs for the event vary depending on the duration. For a one-day event, the cost is set at $11,550. However, for a 12-event contract, the cost ranges between $8,200 and $9,100. It’s worth noting that the city of Yreka offers certain amenities as part of the package. They will provide water and manage the dumping of gray water. Additionally, the contract allows the usage of Lower Green Horn Park as the event location. This choice was made as Encampment Hill is currently the central gathering place for the homeless community. Please note that the information provided is summarized and should be used accordingly.

Supervisor Haupt has expressed concerns regarding the liability associated with individuals if an assault was to occurs at a county-sponsored event.

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