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Moving on from Hate 

Abusive relationships end when the manipulated, controlled, and abused person has found a way to leave the intolerable violent psychological or physical behavior. Despite promises by the abuser to the contrary, the victim knows the behavior will never change. The threat of escalating violence can be life-threatening to the victim and family. Escape pathways may take a team of family support, law enforcement, and social services to accomplish disentanglement. 

On a national scale, the Republican Party has taken on characteristics of its leader, Donald Trump. He fits the profile of an abusive personality that we cannot seem to shake. Again and again, Don is on screen, sowing delusion and hate for our nation. Astonishingly, polls show that two-thirds of Republicans would vote for Trump if he is convicted. Disinformation and gas-lighting by right-wing information sources have him cast as a victim of the “deep state.” No matter what he says or does, it is justifiable; a blanket excuse for any behavior, a way out of all criminal accountability. 

Power over others is a phenomenon manifested by “Strong Man” leaders throughout history. They lead countries to fulfill their egomania and lust for power over others because they are frightened and powerless. 

Donald exhibits controlling, vindictive, violent, manipulative, vengeful, and grandiose behavior, as seen in perpetrators of domestic violence, yet he pleads that he is the victim. He promises to be a savior to his base and vows revenge on political opposition. Trump creates out-groups of the most vulnerable populations to stoke hate and fear. He flatters his base with praise for their agreement with his worldview. Supporters of Trump find internet excuses and conspiracies to defend his criminality. Those who recognized him for who he was in 2016 struggled to understand the attraction. The reality show of Donald Trump and his crew of sycophants creates a world of manipulative delusion. The stress and exhaustion the rest of the country feels is all too real. 

Considering the damage this man has done on our national and world stage, it is astounding he is still a factor in any conversation about politics or power. Given the chance, he will double down in abuse of power as president. Now is a precarious moment in our democracy. Republican lawmakers who swore an oath to the Constitution have a responsibility to defend it. Their complacency may result in handing power over to Donald Trump once again. Instead, support those who speak of inclusion, equality, protection of human rights, and environmental issues. Stand for the future well-being of our planet and our children. Isn’t it time to move on from hate, lies, and abuse?

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  1. The Native American

    Yeah it’s pretty awful!

    Don’t forget to add sexual misconduct and treason! If thrown in jail, he will end up like his “brother” Epstein.

    America and supporters have a white savior complex with DT.

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