Short Stories

The Stars ~ A Siskiyou Writers’ Club Story

Don Janssen

      One of my best friends when I was very small, was a little red haired girl named Alice.  Alice’s parents and mine were good friends.  Sometimes my folks and her’s got together in the evening to play cards or just talk and Alice and I would play outside till it got dark and the moon and the stars would shine down on us and we’d watch them in the clear night air, wondering, as a child does, about the lovely lights hung in the sky just for us.  Our parents would call us inside when they realized how late it was.  Alice and I would have a piece of pie or some cookies and milk.  Alice’s Mom would tell her to get ready for bed and my mom would tell me I could rest with Alice until it was time to go home,  I didn’t kick up a fuss at all about this bedding down (like I usually did) because Alice’s room had a wonderful secret that we could only share at night.                                                                                                                                                                                                               We were all ready for sleep and lay next to each other on her soft white bed.   Her mother would come in and say good night and quietly leave and turn out the light.  That’s when the magic began.  As soon as the light went out, tiny glistening stars would appear all over her ceiling. These stars were as lovely to me as the ones outside.  Alice and I in our innocent bed, lay side by side and watched the stars appear and then slowly ever so slowly they would fade away.  Usually by the time they’d disappeared we’d be sleeping.                                                                                                                                    

    Sometimes now when I need stars to watch over me in a sleepless bed, I people my  ceiling with stars from my head.  Stars that don’t fade when I turn out the light. Stars that shimmer like sweet angel tears and within each star your face appears to light up the night.

The Siskiyou Writers’ Club is a local group of folks with a passion for creative writing of all genres.  The club generally meets the last Thursday of the month in various locations throughout Siskiyou County.  For more information,
contact Mike Grifantini, 530-710-4882, email [email protected]
or Bob Kaster, 530-598-5204, email [email protected]

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