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McCloud River Mountain Music – Spring Update

“Spring is when you feel like whistling, even with a shoe full of slush.” – Anon

With our eyes on weather forecasts, there’s good cause to remain optimistic that our mountain weather is moving towards warmer temperatures. 

Speaking of our artists, Misner & Smith and Rita Hosking are promoting
newly released music and projects. Check out their websites:

Rita Hosking
songwriter, performer, artist, teacher
In a wavy world where we often struggle to swim, singer-songwriter Rita Hosking paddles up and canoes us through black holes, sinks of dirty dishes, demo-derbies, and wildfires until we’re safe at shore. She’s got the spirit, and she knows how to reach ours through her grace, heart, chops, and spunk. With award-winning music spanning 9 albums and 20 years of touring, this country-folk troubadour is a heavy hitter in the Northern California songwriting scene. 

“Authentic American folk music that stirs the soul,” – No Depression.
MISNER & SMITH. Northern California-based unclassifiable duo Misner & Smith have been sitting with iterations of their new album All is Song for six years. The group—consisting of Sam Misner and Megan Smith—began conceiving of the project in 2017, and writing came in fits and starts from that time until the pandemic slowed all activities to a halt. This unforeseen pause carried an unexpected gift amongst the chaos and tragedy of the era; Misner & Smith had time to pause, breathe, and reflect on these songs. photo: Giant Eye Photography

Check out their websites:

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