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David W. Rogers, age 87, of Fort Jones, CA. Passed away peacefully on Sept 9th. 2023

David W. Rogers, age 87, of Fort Jones, CA. passed away peacefully on Sept 9th. 2023.

David was a college graduato of Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA, where he studied Fisheries Biology. He went on to have a long career with the California Department of Fish and Game.

In the middle 1970s, David purchased 10 acres up Shackleford Creek Rd in beautiful Quartz Valley, Fort Jones, CA. He fell the timber on his property, and over the next several years David proceeded to build his dream home, a magnificent log home. He was a natural when it came to gardening and it showed in his well groomed vegetable garden and fruit trees, including a few grape vines.

David had a love for the ocean. In 1986 he finished building a St. Pierre Dory. He and his new wife, Jean, took the Dory through Canadian waters for their Honeymoon. Also aboard was their black lab, Jasmine and their cat Peeker. The following year David took the Dory to Alaska.

Again, Jasmine and Peeker were aboard. Jean flew up to join them and the two of them explored Sitka, Alaska where David spent his early childhood.

David also loved the mountains. He enjoyed hiking, fishing and hunting. There was never a lack of venison in his home, however he also enjoyed hunting bear and elk.

David is survived by his wife Jean, his two daughters Amber and Heather, his granddaughter Morgan and grandson John, and three beautiful great-granddaughters, Reagan, Blair, and Malaya. He also enjoyed being an uncle to his many nieces and nephews.

David was an amazing Man who led an amazing life.

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  1. What a Beautiful Body of work! I would do anything to be close to those amazing animals
    The Obituaies are also fantastic tributes. God Bless this Nation’s Herds and the dedicated few who “with pure intentions” are the Horses Good Shepards! Stunning Work!

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