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Unjustified Homicide With Police, it’s never ending

By Tyler Strasser
Siskiyou County News FB Page

After Micheál brown an unarmed black man was killed in 2014 by police in Ferguson Mo a post investigation found that data reported to the FBI on fatal police shootings was undercounted by more than half. That gap has widened in recent years by 2021 only a third of departments fatal shooting appeared in the FBI data base

2013: 1,085
2014: 1,045
2015: 1,101
2016: 1,065
2017: 1,089
2018: 1,140
2019: 1,098
2020: 1,155
2021: 1,147
2022: 1,200

officers were charged with a crime in only 11 of these cases 1 percent of all killings by police. This is largely because local police departments do not have to report these incidents to the federal government. Also compounding the problem is an updated FBI system for reporting data and confusion among local law enforcement about reporting responsibilities. (“How The Washington Post examines fatal police shootings – The …”) We were able to show officers in 312 cases at least 22 had shot or killed someone before 8 had multiple prior shootings. 

Killer County                         law Enforcment killed at least 1,176 or about 100 people a month last year making it the deadliest for police violence. There will be nearly 1,200 killings by police in 2022 and it’s been on the high side since 2013. 97 percent of people killed by police 2022 were killed by police shooting, taser, physical


In February of 2021, the city of Berkeley enacted a new policy meant to restrict police from enforcing some traffic violations including equipment violations have declined since.                     FATAL FORCE In the past 12 months 1,031 people have been shot and killed. 

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