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FYI Siskiyou Gravevine FB Page: Libel or defamation is the publication of false statements that damage someone’s reputation

I am asked every so often why my pages are not open for everyone or followers to post on. The answer is pretty simple. People can not be trusted! Yes that is a blanket statement, rumors printed have a way of becoming a gospel or perceived as truth compared to when you hear something at the bar or even grocery store.

C. Statutory Definition of Libel.

Civ. Code § 45 defines libel as “a false and unprivileged publication by writing, printing, picture, effigy, or other fixed representation to the eye, which exposes any person to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or obloquy, or which causes him to be shunned or avoided, or which has a tendency to injure him in his occupation.” See Savage v. Pacific Gas & Elec. Co. (1993) 

quick google search referencing from Stimmel, Stimmel & Roeser

As the owner of my News pages and Siskiyou News Network, being lucky enough to live and call Sisq my home I take this very, very serious. My folks came through Scott Valley in I believe it was 1968 and my dads old panel van broke down on the way to Washington State. Little did they know at the time, but God must have had a grand vision for my parents.

My father was hitch hiking to the parts store, sidenote “which was run by our new neighbors father!”. So my father got picked up by a Scott Valley Local or more like pioneer and was told “we do not tolerate hitch hikers in these parts.” So after being put to work building fence and other ranch chores they got the van running again.

60 years later we are still here.

My mom, is probably the longest running business owner on main street in Etna. A town that I call home, I even ran for local seat on the city council and was elected. Made me feel needed, heck I was the paperboy in this one horse town when I was a grasshopper. I have had many many nicknames, all in good fun most of the time. I am vested in this small way of life, I understand small business and stick to itiveness. I have never been a profiteer and I sleep great when I lay my head down to rest.

I am here for you siskiyou, I do and will make mistakes. But trust me, I am an Aries to the “T” and a double fire sign to boot. I have fire for the Lord and nature. So when I throw someone under the bus be assured it was for a dam good reason, and I make my calls and make sure this is not some wild half baked notion I DREAMED up.

So with that off my chest, a post that was on Siskiyou Grapevine found to be or portrayed to be, was way false! The post was down right statutory libel !! The post is down and I am not going to post names or even the post. But I will go on the defence on something I started about the “Wild Horses” in the monument area in North Eastern Siskiyou County.

Do your own search of the web before you feel all high and mighty, go down a rabbit hole or two and educate yourself. The web can be an amazing tool, just like it can destroy a family member, loved ones, business way of survival and mental health. I think of it as a double edge sword, yep cuts both ways.

So here is a little bit of web searching for your information.

Ya might find this also interesting that a business profits and is very popular destination that brings much needed revenue and jobs to the area. https://www.klamathranchresort.com/wild-horses


So be a little cautious and considerate as we go on witch hunts this Halloween. Not everyone burned at the state was a witch.. Till we meet again…

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  1. The Native American

    Libel or defamation?! HAH!

    People should be concerned what artificial intelligence, ai photography/image, and ai voice replication is about to do which I think will be far more damaging for people (both financially and legally) in the coming years! This isn’t theoretical anymore! People today are falling victims due to AI scams due to use of their name, voice, likenesses/looks, analytics and so on! People have lost their jobs because of AI impersonation too! Scammers can take a sample of your voice and make it say anything it wants, post it online and bye bye career! There are articles of security experts suggesting people to remove their personal voice greeting from their voicemail! But it doesn’t stop here!

    As we read, companies are adopting this technology to replace A HUGE amount of white collar jobs! Writers, editors, call service centers, travel agents, photographers, analysts, and much more coming down the line! Within the next few years, the majority of people (including writers) will be out of a job! Teachers are become more and more irrelevant (unfortunately) and unless you have tenure, good luck out there!

    Legislation isn’t even keeping up anymore with how fast the tech industry is changing.

    Worried about libel and defamation?! Artificial intelligence says “hold my beer!”.

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