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SPAC There were Singers, Dancers, Actors, & Musicians

As an outsider, to the inner workings of Yreka. I found the “Back TO THE WILD” show very entertaining.

Directed By
Rusty Miller

Jeezo Beezo, must mean something but yes it was fun watching the performers mix it up and make what I would consider inside jokes. All well placed as they got chuckles and awes from the packed house.

Siskiyou Performing Arts Center FB Page

Siskiyou Performing Arts Center is a non profit, 80 seat theatre in Yreka, CA..

Back to the Wild was a format of short skits, songs, and dances.

Be Love, The Rewards of Participating in Community…

Bravo, thank you for the great entertainment and a memory that will last..

The theater was packed with people. The show began, and it was amazing. There were singers, dancers, actors, and musicians, all displaying their skills on stage. The audience cheered and clapped after every act, and it was clear that the performers had done a fantastic job.

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