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Dunsmuir Easter Festival in 2023

Due to the snow outside, Dunsmuir held its Easter Festival in
the Dunsmuir Community Center on Saturday.

Raquel Moyerley with her 2-year-old Ellie posing with the Easter bunny 

The Center was packed with children, their families, toys and prizes, snacks, and a “balloon pit” where the kids had to hunt for their Easter eggs underneath.  

There were tons of toys, 30 Easter baskets, and 3 grand prized bikes that were won. There was also a raffle, free cookies, juice, and coffee offered. 

“It is a great alternative to being out in the weather. We had a great turnout.” 

Cynthia Clother, one of the many volunteers that helped put this event together

Laying tables on their sides, the volunteers filled the space with a thousand balloons that covered the 3000 plastic easter eggs that the children had to hunt for. Each egg held candy or tabs awarding prizes. The children were grouped by age and starting with the youngest had 10 minutes to search among the balloons for the eggs.

It seemed that the little kids enjoyed playing with the balloons more than hunting for eggs.
The age groups were 1 to 4, 5 to 8, and 9 to 12.
No children were lost in the sea of balloons. 

Volunteers at the Dunsmuir Easter Festival had an easy cleanup after having all the kids pop the balloons for them. 

All the volunteers like 15-year-old Mia Tuller wore bunny ears at the Easter Festival 
Volunteers Jason Stout and Ester McClendon also had fun at the Easter Festival
which was very successful.
Dunsmuirian Ginny Deibert stopped by to check out the Dunsmuir Easter Festival
and had her picture with the Easter Bunny.
Dunsmuir Super
All Trades Svcs
Inn & Suites
Revive Church
Elite Property Mgmt (Rustic Trailer Park)
Gary’s Pizza
Yaks on 5
Dunsmuir Tire
Blaze 1
Soc Media Bridge
Nibiolini Ventres (Spirits Bar)
Gary’s Pizza
Hometown Heritage Days
Above are the merchants in Dunsmuir that helped sponsor the Dunsmuir Easter Festival on April 8th.

The event was hosted and supported by the Dunsmuir Resource Center,
Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce and  First-5

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