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This Week I Will Introduce Myself

You gotta keep on keepin’ on.
Life’s a garden: dig it. 
You gotta make it work for you.

Joe Dirt

Welcome to Main Street Homestead. We live literally on Main Street. Anyone, anywhere can homestead. It is not necessary to own 40 acres. You can homestead in a small back yard or even a windowsill. My best advice for homesteading is to start with what interests you and what you like to eat. Start with one thing and then add and build each year. Lots of big dreams start small. 

My Little Granny and Granddaddy were some of my biggest gardening influences. Granny always said she loved to get her hands in the dirt and I feel the same way. I loved spending time in the garden with her and she was always eager to hear my garden news. Several years ago I started posting videos on Facebook to share with her so she could see my garden from across the country. That then grew and expanding into a wider audience viewing my videos. 

With my husband’s creation of the Siskiyou News Network, my hobby of making gardening videos is growing even more. We made the decision to broaden by merging my love of homesteading with his passion for photography and videography. We are looking forward to producing lots more content in the future and I have lots of ideas in mind.

I would love to hear your suggestions too.

You can mail me at [email protected].

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Here’s to growing all the things!

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