Siskiyou, South County, Yreka


Today after our first Siskiyou Shutter Bugs/Siskiyou Photographers meeting in almost three years because of covid I went out to photograph east of Montague, CA., then down into the Shasta Valley. The meeting, held at the Black Bear Diner in Yreka, CA., was well attended by local photographers and others from Medford and Ashland, Oregon, Mt. Shasta and Scott Valley.

First, I went up Willow Creek Mountain until the snow stopped me as I knew it would. I took photos looking back to the west down toward Montague and Yreka, CA. In some photos the snowcapped Marble Mountains can be seen far off on the horizon.

The photos I took of Mt. Shasta from various locations along the way were non-stop. There is never a bad view if Mt. Shasta.

At one point as I was entering the Shasta Valley on a back road, I spotted electrified fladry. Electrified fladry is red flagging hung on an electric fence wire to help keep wolves out of livestock pastures. Wolves attacking cattle has become a problem in this area.

Then out to the “Table Rock Ranch.” After that on to the refurbished and beautiful and majestic Soule House, then the white Cowley Barn with the tower. I have been in the tower and photographed in the past. Beautiful views.

Other than that, nothing much going on today.

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