Short Stories

story/poem written by Jeanne Baker: December Siskiyou Writers’ Club Winner

Audio Version: T’was the Night before Christmas

T’was the Night before Christmas!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house everything was stirring including a mouse!

The stockings were hung high by the chimney when out popped its head from inside a stocking

As grandma screamed, everyone stopped talking!

The cat let out a howl jumping straight into the air landing on the stocking causing it to tear, goodies falling out everywhere.

The mouse ran under the tree with the cat chasing it, when the dog decided to join in this fun affair.

The tree began to shake and tumble as grandfather reached out to save it, he began to stumble, only to be saved by landing in Aunt Jane’s lap, waking her from her nap!

The chase continued now with the mouse, the cat, the dog and several adults, everyone letting out a howl.

Under the table they all went while the dishes of food began to rock and shake, some of the dishes were about to break, when my brother John reached out, and prevented them from the fall. Which caused my other Aunt Suzie’s glass of wine to fall, landing upon us all!

We were all dressed in our holiday best now covered in wine, including mine.

Father opened the door out ran the mouse, cat and dog into the snow and heavy winter fog.

When we looked around everything was a mess! What would Santa think?!

We quickly attempted to clean up doing our best, hoping Santa would still fill our requests.

We had to hurry as evening fell it was the end of the day, and get to bed without any worry, as father said we must be asleep in time, for Old Saint Nicolaus was surely on his way.

Off we went to bed after refilling Santa’s saucer with cookies and milk glass, very fast.

What an evening it had been not one that would soon be forgotten – now a long ago memory from the past.

With all of the excitement and visions of sugar plums dancing inside of our heads, we fell asleep fast.

Father told us the next day after we were asleep, he suddenly heard the bells on Santa’s sleigh, heading our way.

Down the chimney Santa came, looking around with dismay as to all of the disarray, he thought to himself the house doesn’t look the same.

With a shake of his head Santa refilled our stockings putting one small piece of coal in the bottom and candy and other sweets up to the tops.

To the tree he went placing our presents with a great deal of care. On his way out he spotted his fare of cookies and milk. With a chuckle, inside our house he made this last stop.

Then up the chimney he went with a call of Merry Christmas to all as they flew into the air, in our dreams we heard him say “now Dasher, now Dancer, now Prancer, and Vixen! On Comet, on Cupid, on Donder and Blitzen and finally Rudolph!

Wishing all a good night and Meerry Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!

Jeanne Baker ©December 14th 2022

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