Ruth Starkey Obituary 01/23/1938 ~ 09/25/2022

Ruth Starkey, Beloved Spouse, Partner, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother passed peacefully on Sept 25th, 2022 at 1030 am surrounded by family near and far. She passed at the young age of 84, with a final smile as she departed our presence for her new life with Jesus.

Ruth was born and raised in Mannheim, Germany during the WWII/Holocaust Era. As a young child she grew in the world with knowledge of struggles and famine from a day-to-day experience and often would talk of the daily trials she experienced just to survive. Being separated from her family during those times, Ruth turned to a Catholic Convent where she was raised, clothed and fed in exchange for daily chores and bible studies. All in all, despite the tragedies she always claimed it is that which made her Humble, Strong and Appreciative and how she became the amazing woman we all had the pleasure of admiring.

In 1967, Ruth and her husband John Burr Starkey (deceased), a US Army soldier stationed in Germany immigrated to the United States settling in San Fernando, California. In 1984 she re-located to “Squaw Valley” in McCloud, California starting a new chapter in her life with new friends and new surroundings. She volunteered her time throughout the town working with Marty Markin at her art studio and museum, Lois and Lloyd Hansen’s Hardware on Main Street and assisting with the elderly Home Care in Warm Castle Village in Squaw Valley.

Ruth enjoyed basking in the sun, working in the yard and baking all of her German pastries and food. She loved painting, creating majestic outdoor sceneries and wilderness getaways. She cherished her German music and culture always sharing the taste and warmth of her culture with her family and friends.

All in all, Ruth Starkey was a beautiful woman inside and out, remembered for her compassion, warmth, kindness, work ethics and of course stubbornness. Ruth was a Strong woman who grew up in a tough environment and prospered through her last days.

Ruth provided as an amazing Wife and Mother, always doing for others in everything she did. Albeit, she was a very stubborn and strict German (“schwollkopf” as she would often say) her focus was always “family first” with the intentions of ensuring her family was content.

Ruth, Mom, Oma will be missed but never forgotten as her kids, grandkids, great grandkids, friends and family continue to spread her love and stories amongst all.

She had been an inspiration and will always be LOVED and MISSED by all that had the opportunity to know her.

Ruth is survived by her kids, Edwin& Renee, Ilona & Jesse, John& Jutta, Jacquie & Vince and David & Maria, 20 Grandkids, 27 Great Grandkids and partner Russ Johnson.

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