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The Domestic Wildflower

By, Jenny Gomes, MA Master Food Preserver

I love helping beginners learn fast, modern canning techniques!

I teach English for College of the Siskiyous, both online and in person for Etna High seniors. I have ebooks and video courses at

I've been blogging for several years at where I post about homemade foods and crafts with an emphasis on safe canning. I went to a Master Preserver Course in Ogden, UT in July 2021 where I stayed for a week with another Master Preserver (we made friends on Instagram!) and I studied for 5 full days all methods of food preservation including pressure canning, water bath and steam canning, dehydrating, freezing, and freeze drying. I learned how recipes and methods are tested for safe home food preservation. I passed a test on the final day which certified me as a Master Preserver.

I share up to date canning tips and recommendations on my social media (Instagram is where I'm most active @thedomesticwildflower) and my best canning tips include:

  • Use new canning lids (local grocery stores carry them!)

  • Use a trusted canning recipe

  • Start with a jam or pickle recipe (here's a good, fast one with step-by-step directions!)

  • Don't be afraid! Canning doesn't have to take all day and it is not dangerous. It works because of science, just like baking!

  • Consider buying a steam canner. They are approved by the USDA for home canning, and save so much time!

If traditional water bath canning is a hot tub, the steam canner is a sauna. Boiling a few inches of water is much faster than boiling a whole pot.

I have a Free Canning Basics Course at perfect for beginners. I'm happy to answer questions any time. Nearly all the items you'd need to start canning can be thrifted, other than the new canning lids.

Here's what you need get started canning:

  • Steam canner OR processing pot (the black speckled ones work well or use a stock pot with a silicone trivet

  • Pot for cooking the preserves

  • A jar lifter and a funnel

  • New lids

  • Canning jars and rings (can be used over and over!)

Check out my websites here: And follow along on social media! Instagram

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