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SVUSD voted 5-0 with proper procedure will allow staff to lawfully possess firearms on campus

Yesterday evening, the Scott Valley Unified School District board voted 5-0 to approve policy to allow staff, with proper procedure, to lawfully possess firearms on campus.


Statement from the School District:

"The safety of our students and staff is our most important responsibility and we look forward to this opportunity to utilize all methods of protecting our campuses."


Siskiyou County Gun Owners and California Rifle and Pistol Association proposed and supported the policy change and are working with the school district in regards to procedure suggestions and training curriculum for staff that choose to exercise their rights using this policy. This is a huge win for school safety in Scott Valley! The SVUSD board, Superintendent, and other staff present at this meeting deserve an incredible amount of support, respect, and admiration for taking a stand to protect our children. The policy falls within federal and state law and with the proper training and procedure that is going to be implemented is the safest and most practical way to allow staff to protect students and themselves.

Etna Police Department, Chief and officers were in attendance to show their support for this policy change and spoke in favor of such a policy change. These wonderful law enforcement officers understand the necessity of self protection and stood up for an individual's right to do so, and encouraged the protection of our children. Thank you to everyone involved! Keep our kids safe!

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