South County

Twin Arrows Updated Closure Area

Forest Order 14-24-12 for Twin Arrows Area Closure reduces the size of the closed area.

Forest Road 40N26 (South Fork Road) remains open and travel along the paved route is permitted. Stopping, camping, parking, walking or otherwise traveling through the Twin Arrows Closure Area is prohibited.

The Twin Arrows Closure Area includes all National Forest System lands within 300 feet of Forest Road No. 40N26, from a point on the road that is 0.9 miles west of the Shasta- Trinity National Forest boundary in Section 26, Township 40 N, Range 5 W, Mount Diablo Base and Meridian (MDBM), then continuing west along Forest Road No. 40N26 for 0.9 miles to its ending point in Section 35, Township 40N, Range 5 W, MDBM, as shown on Exhibit A.

This area is closed due to Port-Orford-cedar root disease, which is caused by the pathogen, Phytophthora lateralis. Large Port-Orford-cedar trees generally die within two to four years after infection while seedlings may die within weeks. The pathogen is spread via water and soil, and it frequently kills ninety percent of the hosts on newly infested high-risk sites (and more in larger size classes). The most common means of spread is via infested soil transported on tires and footwear. Port-Orford-cedar root disease has been found 150 miles away from the nearest known infestation.

If you have been to the Twin Arrows area in the last year, Shasta-Trinity National Forest recommends cleaning any shoes, camping gear, and vehicles brought into the area as they may have active spores on them that can be spread into other areas. The Shasta-Trinity National Forest appreciates the public’s cooperation in eradicating this disease and maintaining a healthy ecosystem for our enjoyment for generations to come.

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