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McCloud’s Heritage Junction Museum gets a Facelift

If you haven’t stepped into McCloud’s Heritage Junction Museum for a while, or have never visited, you are in for a pleasant surprise!   Over the past winter, the museum’s volunteers have worked hard making improvements to the museum’s layout and displays.  Most notable is the breathtaking, 56 ft. wide mural created by local artist Stephen Richardson, depicting the view from Squaw Valley north towards Mt. Shasta.   Steve’s mural creates a beautiful and colorful backdrop for framed historic photos of the McCloud River Lumber Company’s logging, milling and railroad operations. 

Other changes in the museum include new display “rooms” organizing some of the museum’s displays thematically, including McCloud churches, home life, and a barber shop/beauty salon.  And if you hear laughter when you enter the museum, it’s probably because someone has discovered the famous funhouse mirrors mounted near the rear of the building!

Also updated is the welcome desk and retail area, encouraging museum guests to browse for books, glassware, t-shirts and other items.   Completing the visitor-friendly feel the museum’s organizers hope to impart are a fun table for youngsters with puzzles and other activities, and a reading area for amateur historians or visitors just needing to take a load off.

The mission of the McCloud Heritage Junction Museum is to secure, preserve, and educate visitors on the history of McCloud and its surrounding region as an evolving community in the frontier of Northern California.  In service to this mission, the Museum’s volunteers collect, preserve, and curate artifacts and images documenting life in this progressive company town, in its logging camps and on its connecting railroad network.  Open daily 11 am to 3 pm seasonally.

The museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and depends on the generosity of visitors and other sponsors to help pay operating expenses and generate funding for future improvements.   Please consider a tax-deductible sponsorship donation… forms may be picked up at the museum.   Also when you visit, be sure to enter the drawing taking place for the following items –  a framed oil painting by Museum founder Mrs. Marty Markin, and a 5’6” by 5”8” quilt titled “Duck, Duck, Goose”, donated by the Shasta Lily Guild.  The drawing for winners will take place October 12th.

McCloud Heritage Junction Museum is located at 320 Main St., McCloud, Ca. 96057
Check out the website:           
The phone number to the museum is (530) 500-2434.  

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