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The Dam Good Trend of River Revival

Hey there, have you heard about the latest eco-friendly wave sweeping the US? It’s all about knocking down old dams and letting rivers run wild again! American Rivers tells us that a whopping 1,700 dams have hit the dust since 1912, and just last year, 65 dams got the boot, freeing up over 430 miles of river.

A new board game has hit the kickstarter campaign, titled “We All Take From The RIVER

A game of environmental diplomacy!

The website “We All Take from the River” introduces a game where players are neighbors along a river, each with their own future plans. The game emphasizes the interconnectedness of actions, particularly how those at the river’s top impact everyone downstream. Players can build and move structures along the river to gather resources and pursue their unique victory conditions.

However, collaboration is key, as players must work together to prevent environmental destruction, or they all lose. This game highlights the importance of environmental stewardship and the complex balance between individual goals and collective well-being.

Take the Snake River in Washington – they’re planning to drop four massive dams to save the salmon. It’s a huge deal for the fish and the folks who rely on them. Over in Oregon and California, they’re gearing up to take down another four dams on the Klamath River. It’s all about giving those rivers a new lease on life and helping out the local communities and wildlife.

Old dams are falling apart, costing a fortune to fix, and messing with Mother Nature. Taking them out means more fish, cleaner water, and loads of fun on the river for everyone. Sure, it’s not always easy to decide to demolish a dam, but as we tackle climate change and rethink our water ways, this trend is picking up steam. Here’s to healthy rivers for us and our grandkids, Why the change of heart?

I spent my summer on the North Fork of Salmon River and a youth dredging and eating trout for dinner, the wild and scenic river has never had a dam. Yet we lost the ability to fish the river and streams. Once in a while they open certain parts for short catch and release windows during the season, usually results in more confusion than trout fishing.

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