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Dragons: A Creative Collaboration from Shasta Sovereign

cover art by Red Robin

The February 2024 edition of Shasta Sovereign magazine features a special collection of dragon-themed creative works submitted by various contributors. Coinciding with the Chinese Year of the Dragon, the pieces explore the symbolism, mythology and personal significance of these legendary creatures.

The collection showcases a wide range of artistic expressions, from poetry and stories to drawings and paintings. Several writers reflect on difficult personal experiences and emotions through the metaphor of dragons. Poems like “I don’t believe in God, but today I prayed” by Ekko and “Childhood Smoke” by Cheryl Lunar Wind poignantly use dragon imagery to convey pain, loss and the struggle to heal and rise above hardship.

Other pieces celebrate the majesty, power and magic associated with dragons in mythology and folklore. The collaborative story “Dragon of the Windmill” by Red Robin and Sir Taj tells an uplifting tale of a heroic young dragon saving a girl’s life. Colorful drawings and paintings like “Sea Dragon” by Bella M, “Lightening Dragon” by Charlize C, and “Mountain Dragon” by Abbie capture dragons in dynamic, fantastical scenes.

A thought-provoking article titled “Dragons, A spiritual connection” by Changing Woman delves into the deep symbolism of dragons, from Chinese astrology to Celtic lore. The author explains how 2024, the Year of the Wood Dragon, is a time for laying foundations for progress and employing attributes like enthusiasm, intellect and leadership.

Through these diverse creative expressions, the Shasta Sovereign collection portrays dragons as complex, multifaceted beings – at times fierce, destructive forces, at others, majestic, wise guides. The works invite readers to connect with the dragon as a symbol of one’s inner strength, dreams and spiritual journey through life’s challenges. As the editors note, they hope readers are inspired “to tap into your inner dragon and invite truly wonderful things into your life.”


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