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Lies from the Siskiyou County Farm Bureau President

In an article published in the Lost Coast Outpost and several other media, Siskiyou County Farm Bureau President Ryan Walker claims that:

“One year with no water could push a substantial number of farmers (in the Scott Valley) out of business.”

Shame on Ryan because he knows what he claimed was and is a bald faced lie. It is “bald faced” because Ryan knows that whenever Ag producers experience crop or income reductions federal taxpayers come in and bail them out. In my comment on the article, which is reproduced below, I identify Ryan’s claim for what it is: a bald faced lie.

Below is my comment:

“In the article the Farm Bureau’s Ryan Walker claims that ‘One year with no water could push a substantial number of farmers out of business.’ That is a bald faced lie and Ryan Walker knows it. He and every farmer and rancher in the USA knows that when there is a cut in Ag production for any reason US farmers and ranchers ALWAYS are compensated by the federal government. American Taxpayers also subsidize Ryan’s crop insurance. Ryan Walker knows these things and yet he won’t admit them and lies instead.

Shame on you Ryan Walker.

Felice Pace
Klamath, CA
Gratefully living since 1976 in the Shasta, Karuk and Polikla (Yurok) homelands

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