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Where O’ Where is the “AA” & “NA” Meeting in SisQ

When something comes across in three’s that means it is time to act! So a gal and her family, I thought “we” had them out of Siskiyou and working their way up to Alaska to Work in the fishing industry crossed my path I was a little bit alarmed. Being I gave them or rather put $100 dollars of fuel to help them on the way, which I did not have to share, along with others that pitched in to help them leave Yreka.

So last week the Pastor and First Lady of Fathers House attended a CoC meeting with me at behavioral health, I mistaken this family, rather the mom for someone else. This put my radar on notice.

The second time I was getting my front end aligned because well it has been since 2016 “I was told” and using my daughters subaru as a rally car around town thought it might need a little love before she gets home for thanksgiving from college.

The third time was this weekend when she caught a ride to church with one of her children. I prayed the other three where safe and warm. So we talked, “and dam it, it makes me tear up writing this.”

I asked what happened to your trip north?

She Replied, “I could not function going cold turkey from drug use.” My family had to return so I could get help! Tears in her eyes, she also stated that she can not find help or meeting in Yreka.

Somehow they were passing through, had their RV stolen in Yreka and all of a sudden they are stuck. Not a good situation, nothing but a truck, an insurance claim that takes time to process. Not knowing that the RV was all the family had to live in while in the search for a better life up north.

WITH ALL THIS MONEY BEING TALKED ABOUT, BEING THROWN AROUND ACCORDING TO THE GOVERNMENT and CALIFORNIA. Where is the help, where is the services for the unhoused, the people down on their luck.

I AM TIRED OF SEEING SHATTERED DREAMS, I am very aware of the drug use, the mental issues. But where O’ WHERE is the meetings! COVID be damned, at some point the old trusty 12 step programs need to come back. PLEASE

I am asking for someone with time, retired or not to step up and take charge. I see the public officials all getting pay raises, patting themselves for all the hard work they are doing.


I have no problems being the bad guy, I like the FUEGO that burns in me. For it is winter and I like to be warm with a fire to help the people. I can go on and on, and I will !!

I hear this frustration from many, many sources, community members, pastors, can we get back to the basics, can we get back to what worked and helped “me”, and so many others.

Together we can make a real difference.. Really, we have to have a grant to do anything anymore..

A Continuum of Care (CoC) is a regional or local planning body that coordinates housing and services funding for homeless families and individuals. In 2007, 461 CoCs submitted application for federal homeless assistance funds in all 50 states, plus DC, Puerto Rico, and Guam. CoCs represent communities of all kinds, including major cities, suburbs and rural areas.


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