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50 Disasters Gov. Gavin Newsom Has Ushered In

Reprint California Globe
By Katy Grimes, November 7, 2023 2:50 am

The list of terribly important California issues, and bad policy decisions is long – Governor Newsom’s California, is reflected in this list of disastrous policy decisions:

  1. Water rationing: How can California have a water crisis when the state borders the Pacific Ocean, and the Sierra Nevada mountain range, 400 miles north-south and 50 miles to 80 miles east–west, drains into more than 15 rivers, 6 lakes, and numerous creeks? The Sierra Nevada snowpack is the major source of water and a significant source of electric power generation in California.
  2. Highest taxes in the nation: California Ranks Among 10 Worst in U.S. for High Taxes. Gavin Newsom’s state ranks in the bottom three for worst for individual taxes. Even with the highest taxes in the nation, Newsom and Democrats tried to pass legislation to force successful Californians to pay additional taxes on wealth and income that’s already been taxed – and vowed tax “avoidance” would not be allowed as California would tax them for the next ten years, despite what state they live in.
  3. 817,000 Californians left California in just 2022. Thousands of businesses have fled to other states
  4. Dramatically increasing crime wave: Gov. Newsom even announced in 2020 he planned to close two state prisons in the coming years, and all three state-run juvenile prisons. He’s also said he planned to increase sentencing credits to allow inmates to leave prison more quickly, shorten parole to a maximum of two years, down from five years for felonies, and let ex-felons earn their way off supervision in just a year, or 18 months for sex offenders.
  5. All big cities in California are in decline under Gov. Newsom
  6. multiple labor unions striking
  7. growing mentally-ill, drug addicted homeless population littering streets with feces and drug needles
  8. denied housing vouchers in Los Angeles
  9. reparations for descendants of slaves
  10. $7.00-per-gallon-gas
  11. Gov. Gavin Newsom has a problem with no-bid contracts to favored donors: details of these contracts here. 
  12. porn in K-12 curriculum – school books show actual graphic sexual acts, and in cartoon form, clearly targeting kids
  13. State mandated secrecy of gender transitioning children from parents
  14. Gov. Newsom was the first Governor in the country to declare a COVID emergency, install himself as a virtual dictator by seizing this unilateral power, and completely ignore the democratic process.
  15. COVID mandatory vaccine bills
  16. Single Payer health coverage – Socialized medicine. Assembly Constitutional Amendment 11 was introduced in 2022 in the California Legislature to enact significant tax increases to fund universal single-payer health care coverage in California
  17. public school teachers strikes
  18. energy shortage, rolling blackouts by the state utility companies
  19. Newsom’s COVID State of Emergency order from March 2020 until the end of February 2023 – he hung on to his emergency powers three years, con scribing the state to a dictatorship.
  20. Newsom’s Vaccine mandates for school children, days after opposing one for prison guards
  21. AB 5 Newsom signed into law, killing off the state’s independent contractors.
  22. Gun control bills overturned by federal judges
  23. Rolling power blackouts: during the state’s heatwaves, and record temperatures throughout the state, rolling blackouts hit millions during the very hottest weather. While the governor said he was investigating the power outages, he also said Californians needed to get used to it.
  24. $4.5 Million Free Immigration Legal Services Pilot Program 
  25. Newsom’s own Ministry of Truth – his new “Commission on the State of Hate,” he created via Executive Order also establishes the state’s first Racial Equity Commission.
  26. Gov. Newsom even officially created a new state website, abortion.ca.gov, to assist anyone needing financial assistance from a Red State, with abortion travel plans and financial assistance, to California for an abortion, or to commit infanticide if you’re 9 months along (It’s now legal in California), courtesy of the California taxpayers.
  27. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed AB 2098 by Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell), which will punish physicians and surgeons for “unprofessional conduct” for advocating for the potential benefits of early treatment with off-label drugs, or those who dare to ask questions about COVID vaccine safety – i.e. for “spreading Covid “misinformation.” A judge issued and injunction to halt implementation, and eventually Newsom had to push a bill through the Legislature to officially overturn AB 1098.
  28. Gov. Newsom Calls for Tax on ‘Windfall Profits’ on Oil Companies After Abandoning Gas Tax Pause
  29. Newsom, in 2021, largely killed hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in California as part of his overall plan to end oil extraction. He also announced his action to halt issuance of fracking permits by 2024.
  30. Gov. Newsom signed Senate Bill 1137, gut-and-amend legislation by Democrat Senators Lena Gonzalez and Monique Limón, would require 3,200-foot mandatory setbacks around California oil and gas wells.
  31. California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered letting another 76,000 prisoners out of state prisons – on his own authority through Executive Order, as violent crime is spiking in California’s cities.
  32. State Capitol staffers told the Globe in February 2022 that elected members of the Assembly and Senate were exempted from COVID vaccine mandates, but Capitol staffers were not, and in fact were required to receive a booster by March 1st, or be fired. Where was the media on this?
  33. Gavin Newsom’s French Laundry moment wasn’t confined to dining out – besides multiple vacations out of the countrywhile he locked down Californians, in Feb. 2022 he starred in “MaskGate” at the NFC Championship game in Los Angeles – despite his own face mask mandates. 
  34. Gov. Gavin Newsom defied the state’s voters within 6 weeks of being sworn in January 2019 when he announced in March 2019 he was granting reprieves for all death penalty murderers on California’s death row, calling the death penalty “ineffective, irreversible and immoral.”
  35. Gov. Newsom signed SB 152 quickly after its passage June 2021, which changed the rules of his own recall election by allowing Lieutenant Governor Kounalakis to set an earlier date for the recall election – exactly what Gavin Newsom decided would be best for Gavin Newsom. State officials bypassed one of the very steps in the recall election certification process they themselves put into law less than four years ago in order to protect a fellow state senator from his own recall defeat.
  36. Also by Executive Order, Newsom announced closure of San Quentin State Prison.
  37. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 145 by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) which lowers the penalties for adults who have sex with same-sex minors – this means the new law allows a 24 year old to have sex with a 14 year old and escape a felony conviction and requirement to be a registered sex offender.
  38. Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Slew of Marijuana Bills.
  39. Governor approved AB 205, income-based utility billing, rather than using an all-of-the-above approach to abundant energy production in California: Oil, gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, solar and wind.
  40. While Gov. Gavin Newsom sued the Orange County city of Huntington Beach for failing to provide enough additional “affordable housing,” his own home county of Marin is enjoying a moratorium on affordable housing building requirements until 2028. Coronado and Elk Grove have also been sued by the state.
  41. Gov. Newsom announced in 2022 he would be developing the state’s lithium reserves in the Salton Sea region, and create a Lithium Valley Commission. “Proponents of mandating unrealistic policies and tight deadlines to fight climate change are finally having to confront the consequences of those sweeping decisions against a backdrop of an unreliable global supply chain impacting our national security.”
  42. Newsom announced state-funded full scope Medi-Cal healthcare to 138,000 illegal immigrants
  43. Newsom reinstated the Obamacare individual mandate requiring everyone to buy health insurance or face tax fines
  44. Newsom signed an executive order that he would grant reprieves for all 737 death penalty murderers on California’s death row, calling the death penalty “ineffective, irreversible and immoral.”
  45. During COVID, Gov. Newsom issued a nine different sets of re-opening plans, moving the state re-opening goalposts over and over again
  46. Rampant and large scale pandemic unemployment assistance fraud was exposed November 2020 – upwards of $31 billion dollars in unemployment claims was fraudulently sent to prison inmates in California’s county jails, and state and federal prisons, out of state, and even out of the country, while legitimate claimants were been stiffed for months, or received late payments. Death row inmates, life and life without possibility of parole inmates, rapists, child molesters, human traffickers, and other violent criminals received California unemployment benefits
  47. Governor Gavin Newsom’s 58 ‘COVID’ Related Executive Orders from March 4, 2020 to November 2020 – running the state as a dictator (never let a crisis go to waste)
  48. Gov. Gavin Newsom Makes Hurried $1 Billion Deal With China’s BYD for Masks
  49. In March of 2020, CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Ordered 40 Million Californians to Shelter at Home Over Coronavirus
  50. When he was elected, Gov. Newsom, in January 2019, promised the world and a bag of chips to Californians.
    • Universal healthcare for everyone, regardless of ability to pay, including immigrants in the country illegally
    • A “Marshall Plan” for affordable housing production of 3.5 million housing units over the next decade
    • A master plan for aging with dignity
    • A middle-class workforce strategy
    • A cradle-to-college promise
    • Universal pre-school
    • An all-hands approach to ending child poverty
    • “Audacious” and “bold” action on the homelessness crisis

How many campaign promises do you remember? How many have been enacted? Do voters even want what Newsom promised?

With this list of epic policy failures, we are looking forward to the DeSantis/Newsom debate November 30th.


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