Shower and Laundry Truck April 23rd, 2024

Health and Human Services Agency in Partnership with the City of Yreka

Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) will be providing mobile shower and laundry services to individuals experiencing homelessness. 

When: Tuesday, April 23, 2024. 

  • Services will begin at approximately 9:00am
  • Laundry services will close at 2:00pm
  • Shower services will close at 3:30pm

Where: In front of the old red school building on Ranch Lane (same as last time).

Who: Individuals who are currently experiencing homelessness (living in tents, vehicles, on the streets, etc.)

What: Free laundry and showers. Showers will be limited to approximately 15 minutes per individual. A maximum of two loads of laundry is allowed per person. 

Getting There: For those in need of assistance, transportation will be available between 11am-3pm. Drivers will pick up on 2060 Campus Drive by the bus stop as needed for individuals living on the hill. Please collect your belongings before seeking transportation. Transportation will also be available at the following locations:

Deer Creek Bathroom—pickup at 12pm and drop off at 3pm. 

Grandma’s House—pickup at 12:15pm and drop off at 3pm. 

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