Wild Horse Fire Brigade Announces Historic Environmental Initiative on Earth Day – Plan to ReWild 1,000 Wild Horses

Yreka, CA, April 22, 2024 –(– Celebrating Earth Day

Wild Horse Fire Brigade (‘WHFB’) has received formal letters of endorsement from the Nevada Lands Council and Elko County Nevada Commissioners who voted unanimously to support Wild Horse Fire Brigade’s large-scale Rewilding project for up to 1,000 wild horses.

A historic Environmental Initiative.

They call it: “One Thousand Horses”

This initiative will serve all stakeholders as well as providing a path to humanely relocate wild horses as family bands from areas of economic conflict and re-wilding them into appropriate wilderness areas with depleted herbivory that desperately need ecologically sensitive wildfire fuels management and restoration of native flora.

Wild Horses can live naturally, wild and free.

Based-on Wild Horse Fire Brigade’s proven pilot and 10-years of ecological & ethological research with a free-roaming herd of 150 native wild horses in a balanced wilderness ecosystem, this exciting historic initiative will help reduce the frequency, intensity and size of catastrophic wildfires, while also paving a new path to help ensure the sustainable natural genetic conservation of American wild horses for generations to come.

Wild Horse Fire Brigade will be reaching-out to selected boots-on-the-ground stakeholders in Nevada as well as selected wild horse nonprofits to collaborate with WHFB to ensure the success of this initiative.

The planning process will begin this year.

Wild Horse Fire Brigade, Elko County, its legislative partners and the Nevada Lands Council hope to build upon this paradigm, to prevent the unnecessary and inhumane and costly incarceration and sterilization of American wild horses.

Appropriate re-wilding benefits all stakeholders, including taxpayers, while keeping true to the intentions of The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 (Public Law 92-195) and keeping American wild horses, “Wild & Free.”

They look forward to building meaningful collaborative relationships with like-minded wild horse advocates to grow their paradigm across far western states.

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  1. This is the first good news I have read about the plight of wild horses in North America. At the rate that the government is rounding up, our treasured, Wild equine I was afraid there would not be any left for the tourist to see in the future.

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