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2023 Rollin-in-Weed Car & Bike Show

Saturday’s Annual Rollin-in-Weed Car & Bike Show of 2023 had a great turnout of not just a tremendous variety of vehicles but also of people who came to visit and judge the 75 entries which included trucks, motorcycles, rebuilts, imports, and classic automobiles that were on display to win most popular of the show.   

Hosted by the Weed Chamber, there was no competition with sharing Bel Air Park with the COS annual flea market because many people said that they spent the day talking and learning about the colorful and uniquely built participants’ vehicles in the competition.

Richard Dinges is the Executive Director of the Weed Chamber. And Marie Green is the lead director of the car show and with help from Nathan Nelmes about 3 months in planning to put together this year’s show. 

Everyone that came got to vote for their favorite in the ten categories which included best vintage, antique,  modern classic, American (1995 to present), foreign import, favorite motorcycle, truck, car, custom, and best in show of all the vehicles. The best car, truck and bike in the show will be featured on next years’ Rollin-in-Weed Car Show’s T-shirt. 

Sponsors for the Rollin-in-Weed Car Show include Grocery Outlet, La Florista, Mt. Shasta Patient Collective, WTF-Weed Technology and Fabrication, ECI-Edgewood Custom Interiors, and Siskiyou County Disposal LLC.

The Weed Museum had two or their original 100-year-old American LaFrance fire engines with the original Longbell name on them. In 1908, Abner Weed Lumber Company was bought out by Long and Bell, then later was sold to International Paper. And then in 1981 it was again sold to Roseburg Lumber which it still is owned today. Through the years these two fire engines have been restored by locals in the Weed community and are fully functional but no longer have first gear and can only go about 5 miles per hour. They are housed in Weed’s Lumbertown Museum and are taken out for parades and car shows.   During the car show, Darin Quigley who was the Fire Chief in 1990 and Shirley (Sottana) Dutt offered tours of these trucks and explained how much different they were in the day compared to current vehicles.

Quigley points out that they are chain driven like a bicycle or the safety features and uniforms that were used in the days they were active.

Another big feature at the Rollin-in-Weed Car Show was a bicycle rodeo for the local children.  Corporal Tim Green of the Weed City Police Department says that the police department along with CHP, the Weed Peace Officer Association, and Friends of K9 Drax together put on a bicycle safety training course and had a coloring contest and raffled off 24 new bikes to children from Kindergarten to 8th grade in Butteville and Weed Elementary Schools that were impacted by the Mill Fire. 

Sponsors were Elite Real Estate in Mt. Shasta, Rodney Barr who is the proprietor of the Weed Grocery Outlet Store, and Weed City Councilman Mark and his wife Mary Mazzoni for the bikes.

Darrell Parham with WTF-Weed Technology Fabrication donated 100 helmets and Heart Side Hair and Nail Company donated 70 water bottles. 

Here are a few of the entries: 

Kurt Hoffman holds a sign that says, Mt. Shasta 356 Speeder Club, established 2022, membership-1, in front of his ’57 red porsche speedster which he won by popular vote in one of the categories. 

Dodge Tygart from Yreka sits in the shade of his dad’s ’01 red Chevy Corvette.

Troy DeVault from Weed tributes his ’37 Chevy ‘Comomerate of stuff’ to his dad Johnny DeVault calling it, “Rusty the Zombie truck back from the dead.” 

Jerry and Elaine Padilla from Yreka show off their white ’50 3100 Chevrolet truck,
that he built from “basically nothing.”

This orange ’05 VW Squareback didn’t win, but it was one of a kind at the show. 

Buddies Aydin Robles  with his dog Luna and Chris Tuter, both from Weed show off their Subarus that they upgraded. Robles ’05 WRX STI is now an authentic rally decal kit from Subaru rally racing team. Tuter’s ’06 WRX is now a stage 2, 350 horsepower. 


Matt LaFortune from Fort Jones displayed his unique ’30 Ford Model A.
John Lewis from Shingletown stands next to his ’49 Rat Rod Fleetline he calls his “Rum Runner Special.”
Malou Shannon from Mt Shasta shows off her red ’52 Ford F1 with flames.

Traveling the farthest to the Rollin-in-Weed Car Show, Jared and Kathy Graff from Bray, Ca.
stand next to their plum colored ’78 Firebird Pontiac.

Michael Milligan from Shasta Lake shows off his 2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide bike to his friends.

’49 Custom Ford Tudor with extra fancy welding has a sign that explains all. 

Robert Short from Castella was really popular with his yellow ’29 Ford Model A Truck with the old fashioned drive through food tray clipped to the window. 

154 & 155: Rich and Jo Giordanengo from Mt. Shasta let a little girl try out the driver’s seat of Rich’s dad’s old ’31 Ford Model A. 

Rich and Jo Giordanengo from Mt. Shasta let a little girl
try out the driver’s seat of Rich’s dad’s old ’31 Ford Model A. 

Tim Dykes of Weed stands with his white 2019 Dodge Redeye Challenger 800 horsepower.
He upgraded it to be a “10 second, 1/2 mile car.”

Fred Broodbent from Mt Shasta had his yellow ’36 Ford Model 67 truck end up winning Best Truck in the Rollin-in-Weed Car Show which will be featured on next year’s T-shirt. 

Jason Byers of Redding won Best Bike in The  Rollin-in-Weed Car Show which will be featured on next year’s T-shirt. 

Paul and Lauren Sweezey from Etna not only won Best Antique but also won Best Car with their light blue ’57 Nomad after the  judges looked it over carefully.
Their car will also be featured on next year’s T-shirt.

Kevin Gillikin from Mt Shasta won Best of Show with his red ’60 Chevy impala. 

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