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Historic Tours Highlight of Siskiyou Summer 2023

Themed, Guided Explorations of the Greater Yreka Area Began April 19

YREKA, Calif. – May 1, 2023  Siskiyou Historic Tours was formed to educate and entertain anyone interested in the rich history of Siskiyou County, its Gold Rush towns, cultures and traditions. The nonprofit Siskiyou Historic Tours’ upcoming season features guided tours of downtowns, neighborhoods, cemeteries, landmarks, and other highlights of the greater Yreka area.

Newcomers, visitors and longtime locals can learn about the past on upbeat, engaging walking or wagon tours. The nonprofit Siskiyou Historic Tours is created and led by Mike Grifantini, who volunteers as a docent with expertise in Northstate history. “This is Siskiyou Historic Tours’ 5th year, and participation and interest in the tours continues to grow,” Grifantini said. “There are local favorites, such as Miner Street and area cemeteries. Plus, new settings and experiences have been added for the coming season.”

Local ancestors are discussed and honored at tours of the Evergreen, St. Joseph’s, City, and Little Shasta cemeteries. Closer to Halloween, the most popular of the Siskiyou Historic Tours events includes the fun and respectful “Ghost Tours” of Miner Street or the Evergreen Cemetery, where docents appear in historically accurate costumes and share spooky stories.

Wagon tours will be held at the Evergreen Cemetery May 19 and Sept. 29 and on Third Street on June 5 and Oct. 20. During Gold Rush Days on June 10 and 11, wagon tours sponsored by the city of Yreka will be led through the historic downtown and nearby residential areas. “The wagon tours are extremely popular,” Grifantini said. “There’s nothing like experiencing local history on the same mode of transportation used by the pioneers.”

Each tour lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes. The tours dig deep on topics of local interest, and welcome participants to engage in the discussions. Historic themes covered on various tours include: mining, early-day farming, “water wars,” faith-based organizations, ethnic groups, fraternal and sororal orders, architecture and the Gold Rush.

Other tours include Greenhorn/City Ranch and Courthouse Square. November indoor tour lineup includes: the Masonic Hall, the Yreka Elk’s Club building and the Firefighter’s Museum.

A complete listing of tours and times, including where to meet, is posted on the Siskiyou County Tours Facebook page at as well as the Siskiyou County Grapevine page. Be sure to follow the Facebook page for updates on tours and special events, as well as contact information.

Participants are asked to donated $5 per tour to offset the liability insurance costs paid by events sponsor the Siskiyou County Historical Society of Yreka. (Some tours are sponsored by the Siskiyou County Museum in Yreka.)

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Volunteer, Siskiyou Historic Tours

Yreka, CA

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