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Discover Soda Mountain Wilderness ‘Little Pilot’

Centered in a seventeen-hundred-acre parcel of land east of Interstate 5 and just south of the California-Oregon border. On my travels up Copco Road just after Iron Gate Reservoir is a great vantage point for a picture with a long-distance lens.

Little Pilot Elevation 4344ft
41.969421, -122.542138
Siskiyou County, California

Took some research to find a name as it is not listed on topographical maps, but after finding a name I was able to find this from the Bureau of Land Management.

Little Pilot Rock

Geocache on Little Pilot Rock. The Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009, Public Law No. 111-011, Section 1405, designated 24,100 acres of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument as wilderness. The Soda Mountain Wilderness encompasses the rich biological and geological diversity in the mountains southeast of Ashland, Oregon. The new wilderness lies on the south side of the Medford District. The heart of the wilderness is the 5,720-foot high Boccard Point where the great basin meets three mountain ranges. The older Klamath Range comes up from the south while the much younger Siskiyou Range extends from the west. Jutting up from the north is the very young Cascade Range.

While searching google earth for the name I looked back through time and notice this area was burn in the Hornbrook fire in 2019.

Little Pilot August 2019
Little Pilot Area June 2018
Looking at Little Pilot from Iron Gate. “Eastern Half”
Looking at Little Pilot from Iron Gate. “western Half”

Here is some information about Pilot Rock which is very visible traveling on Interstate 5 at Hilt, California


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