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I Have Never Cured a Corned Beef Before but The Process Was Surprisingly Simple

St. Patrick’s Day is rapidly approaching and our family loves to feast on corned beef to celebrate. Spurred by the rising costs at the grocery stores and in an endeavor to be able to enjoy corned beef without all of the commercial processing chemicals and additives; this year we are curing our own corned beef. I have never cured a corned beef before but the process was surprisingly simple….so far anyway. Our brisket is still currently soaking in the brine in our cold room (AKA the attached garage). I did quite a bit of how-to research and put together my own recipe customized to our family’s tastes. I hope this video inspires you to try curing your own corned beef. Make sure to be on the lookout for the next video where we will reveal how mine turns out and I’ll demonstrate my favorite (and super easy) way to cook corned beef. Wishing ya’ll the luck of the Irish! 
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