Scott Valley, South County, Yreka

Why is it important to Know your Zone?

The Siskiyou Office of Emergency Services and our fire and law enforcement partners would like you to prepare for Wildfire season by preparing yourselves to receive alerts. A disaster can strike without notice, and evacuations may be issued anytime for various emergencies. You may have hours to evacuate or only minutes to flee. You can take the necessary steps now to prepare yourself and your property.

1. Know Your Alerts – Sign up for CodeRED.

2. Know Your Zone – Siskiyou County OES, Local Fire, and Law Enforcement have collaborated to identify your evacuation zone. Know all your exits and understand how to get out both in daylight and darkness.

3. Be Ready – Make a kit, have a plan and practice it.

4. Stay Together – Please take only ONE vehicle in an evacuation, whenever possible, to minimize gridlock. Prepare this vehicle for evacuation by keeping the gas tank full and parking it facing the street for a quicker departure.

Download and print the Emergency Supply Checklist–Use it and keep it where you will find it easily.

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