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Neighbors Come Together at Dunsmuir’s South 1st Street BBQ Event

Dunsmuir Block Party & BBQ

In a recent community event, organized by Jenny and Mike, residents of the 400 block of South 1st Street, their dedication to fostering community spirit was evident in the seamless execution of the event. Their efforts not only brought neighbors together but also highlighted the importance of community engagement.

Rekindling a sense of community…

Dunsmuir native Sue Alameda made a notable appearance, adding a touch of local charm to the proceedings. Alameda, a well-known figure in the area and an avid subscriber to Siskiyou News, said, “Around 35 people came out for the BBQ. I met new neighbors and Dunsmuir residents that I never would have gotten to meet otherwise.”

Sue also shared that her dad worked for the railroad and they moved to Dunsmuir in 1910. “It was an old-fashioned get-together, just like we used to have growing up in this tight-knit community.”

This gathering serves as a reminder of the vibrant and active community spirit that thrives in Dunsmuir. It underscores the value of local events in strengthening communal bonds and fostering a sense of belonging among residents.

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