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77th McCloud Lumberjack Fiesta Grand Marshal is “Priscilla Wood”

The fun packed McCloud 77th Annual Lumberjack Fiesta full of events and competitions will be held July 26th, 27, and 28th.  

The Grand Marshal picked to lead in this year’s parade on Saturday is Priscilla Wood. 

If anyone is a true McCloudite, it is Priscilla Wood. Moving to McCloud from Weed at the very young age of 2, she attended both McCloud Elementary and High School while her father, Curtis Johnston, worked for the town crew and then the McCloud Community Services District while her mother, Lena, worked at the mill and then when it closed, she became the cook at the golf course and was famous for her “Lena Burgers.”

Between 1975 and 1982 Priscilla Wood ran a preschool in McCloud at what is now the Scout Hall. She was later hired at the McCloud High School as the Librarian and then became the school’s secretary. In 1997 she was promoted to chief business office at the Siskiyou Union High School District which she retired from in 2007. Never stopping, she started working part time at Campbell Global as office administrator. 

First McCloud Mountaineer football team which she started in McCloud in the late ‘70s

Of some of her community involvement through the years, she and her husband Frank started the Babe Ruth League in McCloud in the early 70’s, getting the American Legion Post 92 to help buy the uniforms. Later in the 70’s, she started the McCloud Mountaineer Football Team. She is planning on posting pictures from those days on her car in the parade.  She was also a Girl Scout leader, the high school cheerleader advisor, coached high school softball, became the football announcer for the high school football games and was a big supporter with her involvement with the high school booster club. 

She now enjoys being retired and plans of spending the rest of her life in the town she has grown up in. In her younger days, she grew up in what was then called Tucci Camp. She remembers how fun it was to build forts up in the woods by the railroad tracks and play in the creek that ran behind Railroad Ave. which is now called Hennessy Avenue. They rode their bikes everywheres. She raised her children the same way; playing in a town where everyone is like family. 

She is looking forward to waving at everyone along the parade route on Saturday, July 28th. 

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