Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Seizes Significant Amount of Cocaine and Heroin During Traffic Stop

In a remarkable display of vigilance and effective law enforcement, a Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) Sergeant made a significant drug bust on Friday, May 24th, north of Yreka, California. The incident occurred during a routine traffic stop on Interstate 5, where the sergeant pulled over a speeding Chrysler at approximately 1:15 pm.

The vehicle, occupied by driver Miguel De Jesus Castro Diaz, 26, and passenger Bianca Lopez Shivel, 28, was en route from an undisclosed location in Southern California to Salem, Oregon. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Diaz was driving without a valid license.

During a consensual search of the vehicle, the SCSO Sergeant made a startling discovery – a seemingly innocuous Pringle’s box containing a substantial amount of illegal drugs. The box held 3 kilos of cocaine and heroin, with the cocaine weighing over 2 kilos and the heroin weighing 1 kilo.

Both Diaz and Shivel were promptly arrested for the possession and transportation of controlled substances and were subsequently booked into the Siskiyou County Jail. The successful seizure of these dangerous drugs highlights the importance of proactive policing and the tireless efforts of law enforcement officers in keeping our communities safe.

This incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle against drug trafficking and the vital role that local law enforcement agencies play in disrupting the flow of illegal substances. The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office and its dedicated officers remain committed to protecting the public and removing dangerous drugs from our streets.

As the case progresses, further investigations will be conducted to determine the origin and intended destination of the seized cocaine and heroin. The successful prosecution of those responsible for the transportation of these illegal substances will send a clear message that such crimes will not be tolerated in Siskiyou County or anywhere else in the state of California.

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